The marketplace for a new emerging value

digital collectibles

Collekt is the NFT marketplace where anyone can easily publish and trade digital collectible tokens, aiming to lead the popularization of digital collectibles.


NFT is a new concept of assets and ownership beyond simply 'non-fungible' tokens, it will soon be a pivot of the Asset portfolio upon stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, gold, and bonds in financial field.

Agency. Gallery. Marketplace.

Collekt provides 3 services to expand the understanding and interpretation of this new market.

NFT Value Planning & Minting Platform


Maison de collekt searches and redefines any collectible assets that hold values as digitized tokens.


Maison de collekt provides planning and minting systems for clients and creators who plan to publish their assets as digital collectibles.

Digital Collection Exhibition


Maison de collekt opens hybrid (online and offline) exhibition places for digital collectibles.


From a special exhibition curated by collekt foundation to a dedicated exhibition from the clients' NFT collections, Maison de collekt continuously presents the new form of NFT assets to the market for newcomers and possible future NFT collectors.

Hybrid NFT Collectibles Marketplace


Maison de collekt is a marketplace where anyone can easily approach and purchase NFT with two-way payment system between Fiat and Crypto.


With this, Maison de collekt will build an expanded market for art lovers and NFT Believers in the short term, and among other things, will invite many potential buyers to the world of NFT for those whom NFT is pretty new to them yet.

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